My father Barry Adams is retired from Cornell University, where he taught English literature (primarily Shakespeare) for many decades. He also held the position of Vice Provost for a number of years. He still enjoys teaching, but gives his lessons at Lifelong (no grading of homework or exams)! One of his biggest passions these days is watching opera, livestreamed by the Met on his own HDTV, from his recliner, with one or two cats on his lap. But he also enjoys taking up new hobbies, including bird-watching and deep-diving into the online Bolt EV community forum.

On advice from his pulmonologist, Barry started playing the harmonica in 2020, and his repertoire now includes 5 pieces. He also started an at-home fitness program in 2021 under guidance from a "mobile physical therapy" practice. He now does 2 x 10 minute circuits of HIIT, twice per day, including a set of dead lifts on his adjustable kettle bell weight (up to an impressive 37 pounds). His oxygen recovery time has improved dramatically (measured on his personal pulse oximeter, a handy little gadget that all of us now know too well). The exercises have also improved his flexibility, which means he can now don his portable oxygen concentrator in its handy carrying case, on his back, and walk to the Brookton's Market for lunch. When pandemic conditions allow, he also enjoys going to the theatre or a Lifelong class with his friend Donna.