Blue House
Green Heart

Blue house, green heart,
and three happy people,
staying busy with their projects!

My name is Emily Adams. I moved back to my childhood home in Brooktondale in 2015 when my mother passed away, bringing my Dutch husband Paulus Dominicus with me. We live with my father, Barry Adams, who decided a few years later that he didn't want to give up his cats, his birdfeeders, and his books to go to assisted living. We built him an apartment instead, where the family garage used to be, and now Paulus and I are busy remodeling the main house (while also living in it) to make it entirely green and eco-friendly.

The cooperative extended-family arrangement suits us all! I pursue many community and political activities from home, where I can also be nearby if my father needs anything. Paulus has adjusted well to life in America, and works in the "gig economy" as a handyman and painter. Barry loves his new electric car (he caught the green bug from us) and still attends and teaches classes at Lifelong, now via zoom.

Follow the links below to our various projects, hobbies, photo galleries, and so forth!

Special thanks to Summer and Sander from FLOCK Finger Lakes for this video they made about our home and family... number 87 in their series, all worth watching! Or read more about them on their website: